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Tongue-ties and Lip-ties

One small annoying string can mean serious limitations to your child

The soft tissue that connects your tongue and upper lip to your mouth vary from person to person. In some cases, people are born with tissue that is very short. This shortened tissue restricts the movement of the tongue or the mouth. These conditions are nicknamed “tongue-tie” and “lip-tie” and occur in around 5 percent of infants. While they aren’t usually life-threatening, these oral restrictions can mean a lot of unnecessary limitations to your child and can interfere with breastfeeding during the infant years and speech development as a child grows older. 

Your child should never be held back by something so treatable. Through a quick laser procedure, we can give your child’s tongue or lip a much greater range of motion. 

Tongue ties and lip ties surgery - KidSmile Dental - Children's Dental Services

Signs your child may have a tongue-tie or a lip-tie:

Help your child eat, speak, and sleep better!

Tongue-ties and lip-ties - KidSmile Dental

Tongue-tie and lip-tie release surgery

The initial assessment takes only a few minutes. Some tongue-ties are obvious, but many are more subtle and may only be spotted by an expert. Dr. Ryan at KidSmile Dental is a trained tongue- and lip-tie professional. 

The tongue-tie release surgery (also referred to as a ”frenectomy”) only takes a few minutes as well. It is done with the use of a laser that offers great precision with less bleeding and quicker healing time than conventional methods. Read more about it here.

Help your child fully thrive!

Your child should never be held back by something so treatable!

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